Where there is an ending….there must be a beginning….

Leyland, have you met my friends……..

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Bye Bye Reading…..

On Saturday the 15th of March we said a few good byes in the only way we know…….Party….

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#12playlists Theme #3 – Water

Following on from last month theme of L.O.V.E. it was decided that this months theme should be Water……on the basis that most of the country has seen some serious flood action recently after 2 of the wettest months on record.

Technically this should have been an easy theme for me considering my last name and there is a lot of water based good tracks out there but I decided to mix it up a little this month, the basis of this months playlist is good track – bad track, just like good Flood (me) and bad Flood (water based flood). I would imagine you would only actually listen to 5 out of the 12 tracks but you never know and if you have been hit by a flood then the other tracks could just cheer you up.


Have a listen any let me know what you think…..I’ve started with a good Flood track, one that always reminds me of a trip to Ibiza…..

*Rubber Duckie was requested to be included by Caleb

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#12playlists Theme #2 – L.O.V.E.

So with Valentines day falling in February it was decided this months theme should be L.O.V.E.

Although a pretty open theme I was struggling to think of anything original……that was until my brother asked me for a favour. With his wedding only around the corner (May to be exact, or to be more precise Starwars Day in May) @thefarmer86 asked me to do a wedding playlist for him.

Within the playlist he wanted to include the parents of the bride and grooms first dance songs along with his fiancé’s sister and brother and mine and our brothers. So, the 1st 6 songs in the playlist are exactly those…..

The remaning 6 songs are a selection of ones that I chose out of the 2.5 hour playlist that was also put together with the help of the old man @briantflood and I have to admit it was difficult choosing just 6 others.

Anyway enough of that here it is….

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#12playlists Theme #1 – You’re So Cool

Those clever creative minds behind #13for2013 playlists last year got their heads together and this year we are continuing with the theme based playlists, this year its #12playlists @12playlists

This months theme is You’re So Cool…

For my take on the theme I decided to try to produce a playlist of the coolest tracks related to the word cool (made sense seeing as I aint very cool myself) and here it is….enjoy.

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#13for2013#5 – Opposites Attract – My selections

So again I am late for Mays playlist selection but hey ho its all done.

This month theme was chosen by @thomhoops in his blog post back on may the third…..you can read it here.

Anyhow my selections this month are all pretty much self explanatory so no need to leave it to the imagination just have a good listen…….. (apart from maybe Kriss Kross, for those that don’t know they wore their clothes backwards, I tried this once for a whole night in London, it was not comfortable)


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#13for2013#4 – Hoiday Destinations – My selections

So better late than never………this months #13for2013 playlist idea came courtesy of me and I have been very slack in getting it done but here it is.

My playlist consists of a beginning, two bits in the middle and an end, as all good holidays do….

To open my playlist I have gone for the classic Holiday from Madonna for no other reason than its got holiday as the title.

I have then gone on to tracks that remind me of 4 of the most memorable holidays or places I have been to and then 5 places that I really hope to visit one day. This months playlist is then finished with something we all get after a good holiday………..the blues.

Molly Malone – The Dubliners

Being Born in Dublin I always love going back and spending time not only in Dublin but anywhere in Ireland. I still don’t feel like I’ve seen enough of my home country but one day I promised myself I will.

Australia – The Shins

Australia and more specifically Sydney will always have a special place in my heart. Back in December 2006 I had the pleasure of spending 3 weeks there with Becky, my brother and his wife. It was also where I proposed to Becky, right outside the Opera House.

Sydney Opera House

New York New York – Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five

I have had the pleasure to visit New York twice, more recently for Becky’s 30th Birthday in March. I love that place and out of all the places in the world I’ve been its the place I most feel like home (apart from Ireland of course).

Kikalitè mo Frér – Racine tatane

I could’nt find the next track on Spotify, probably for obvious reasons, but this tune really reminds me of our honeymoon in Mauritius. They played this type of popular Sega music everywhere and it really compliments the lifestyle of people over there. An amazing place and an amazing 10 days.

And now onto the places I would love to go…

Drinking in LA – Bran Van 3000

There is something about the LA lifestyle that I would love to experience, even if it was only for a holiday, I reckon it would be awesome and who doesn’t like the Sunshiiiiiiiiiiineeeee.

Your English is Good – Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo looks shit hot and ever since a friend of mine went there to live I have always been jealous of everyone who has visited him. I love the crazy food he brings back with him when he returns from visits, I mean who wouldn’t love fish flavored crisps.

Mums gone to Iceland – Bennet

Again I couldn’t find this track on Spotify, for obvious reasons, as I don’t think my old drama teacher would mind me saying it wasn’t exactly a massive hit (he played keyboard for Bennet, if my memory serves me right). Anyhow Iceland is a place I want to go more and more. It would be an experience like I have never experienced before and to get the chance to see the Northern Lights would be another dream come true.

Ps. You will have to click on the link for this one as WordPress wouldn’t let me embed a 2nd video??

China in Your Hand – T’Pau

China is a place that had always intrigued me and when another friend moved there its a place that I really should get to while I have the chance to visit with someone who knows Shanghai. A place where copyright means nothing and you can literally buy fake everything, including eggs, as I recently found out has got to be good fun.

Galapagos – Emancipator

Technically not a holiday destination but after watching Sir David Attenborough’s series on the islands it is an astonishing place and seems to be truly jurassic and shows the amazing way in which life can adapt.

The Eve of the War – Richard Burton, Justin Hayward, Jeff Wayne

Because you never know where we may end up travelling too……..

So as my holiday destination comes to an end just like every good holiday does its time for those holiday blues………

I got the Blues – The Rolling Stones.

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#13for2013#3 – Animals – My selections

So for the third installment of the #13for2013 Mixtapes @GemStGem set the theme and it was Animals. An interesting concept as upon searching there really is thousands of songs to choose from.

I decided to set the theme for my mixtape as bands that I have had the pleasure of seeing live. Some of my selections are pretty loose, for example, Honey – Moby. The thinking behind this came when I was watching Winnie the Pooh with Caleb and we all know Pooh loves honey.

I was also going to try to list the time and place that I saw each band but upon thinking about it I was likely to have been very drunk at many of the gigs to trying to remember when was proving very difficult. It may be something that I add at a later date after reviewing my gig tickets.

But anyway here is my selection so please enjoy:

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#13for2013 #2 – A Time and a Place – My Selections

For the 2nd #13for2013 I have to back it up with a blog as there is a little story to be told with every tune. I’ve put it in as chronogical  an order as my memory serves me but I could be a little wrong in places.

This was a lot harder than I thought it would be due to the face that there has been many memorable occasions that could have their own soundtracks but these ones just stuck out so here goes.

1. Prince – The Future

This was the opening track to the original Batman Soundtrack from way back in 1989. Although I was the minuscule age of 9 at the time I loved this film and I can’t quite remember how but I ended up with the album on tape. Sadly the reason I remember it so well is because the tape came to a tragic end as many tapes have, caught in the dirty heads.

2. McHammer – 2 Legit 2 Quit

Growing up being a massive Teenage Mutant Ninja (Hero) Turtles when then film came out it was kind of a big deal and when I heard the songs I was an instant fan of Mc Hammer as he did a couple of tracks. Apart from the obvious songs he sung my brother bought me this single on vinyl for one of my younger teenage birthdays. It was so flipping good, I remember playing it over and over again and I am 100% positive that anyone who came to that party would of thought I was the coolest kid they knew*.

*This is possibly not true

3. Space – Female of the Species

At school there is always a seperation between the ‘cool’ group and the rest. I tended to hang around with the rest but that changed in year 11 due to science classes. In my class there was a few of the ‘cools’ and at this stage I began to be a bit of an Indy kid, I even started growing my hair long. Upon hearing that the ‘cools’ were going to see a gig, which at the time I had never been to anything more than school discos, I jumped at the chance to join them. Sadly I can’t remember the date of the gig but it was the first time I had any alcohol without my parents supervision, 2 bottles of Bud was my choice of alcohol that night, its amazing that I can actually remember the gig after that.

4. Jamiroquai – Cosmic Girl

Following on from my last song this one kind of links in. After that first gig I realised that the ‘cools’ were just like everyone else and it cemented many long standing relationships that I still hold today. There were a few girls in the group, one of which I really really liked. So it came to valentines day and not being one to hold back I decided to give her an anonomous valentine card. I knew her music tastes were similar to mine so what could be better than to include some musical references in the card…..what I came up may seem pretty lame now but at the time I thought it was amazing and to this day I can still be known as Cosmic Flood.


Sometimes I feel like I’m travelling without moving because your such a cosmic girl”



Needless to say it was around the school within about 3 seconds and was just a little embarrassing at the time.

5. Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion

One of my all time favourite films is Dazed and Confused and I think this is where my love of VW Beetles came from and the reason why I had to have on for my first car. I actually had 2 but the first never ever got driven, just started up in the driveway. The 2nd however did make it on the road and even made it to school a few times, thanks to those that helped me push start it on leaving school On a few occasions. The soundtrack to Dazed and Confused is awesome and Sweet Emotion was one tune that I used to rinse, everything I pulled up somewhere I would have it playing thinking I was Jason London from the film. I must admit I still do sometimes now but in my Golf is doesn’t quite feel the same.

6. Christy Moore – Ride On

Being brought up in Ireland and having experienced many a late night with Aunts and Uncles singing this paticular song always stuck in my head on these occasions. Normally this would get sung closing in on sunrise and everyone in the room would just listen with eyes closed. I had the pleasure of seeing Christy Moore live in Vicar Street, Dublin about 10 or so years ago and it gave me goose bumps hearing it live and continues to do so now.

7. Negrocan – Cada Vez

11 Elgar Road will always have a place in my heart. After spending three months working on a building site in an attempt to move back to Ireland 10 years ago I was gutted when it didn’t work out but had that not happened I would not have moved in with Mr Paul Brown at 11 Elgar Road and met some of my closet friends and then a few years on my wife. This song always reminds me of Elgar as it seemed like every Friday and Saturday everyone would gather for pre town drinks where would the head to Revolution or The Fez Club before then going back to Elgar. There was always some funky tunes being played with Aron T normally on the decks but this one stuck with me.

8. The Beatles – Hey Jude (Couldn’t find the Beatles Version)

In December 2006 I had the awesome opportunity to spent 3 weeks in Sydney. Becky was travelling the world and I decided join her in Sydney for 3 weeks. It just so happened that my brother was working out there at the time too so it would be great to spend time with him, Sarah and Becky. The trip was memorable for several reasons, the first being the fact that I proposed to Becky outside the opera house on our 2nd day there and luckily for me she said yes, so that started the trip on a high and it just continued to be the most amazing adventure. I stayed there for Christmas and it was just like being back in Ireland with the amount of people from Trim. The festivities ended with a group version of Hey Jude in the hills of Chatsworth.

9. The Police – Roxanne

Every time I hear this track now it brings me straight back to sitting on a balcony in Marbella with Becky, Bazza and Tiff playing the Roxanne drinking game. At the time I had never played it before and I don’t think I’ve played it since but it’s absolutely nuts. If you have not played it before then here is a brief explanation:

Split into two groups, when one group (or person) hears the word Roxanne they stand up and neck, when the other group (or person) hears the words Red Light, they stand up and neck. This continues or the whole song and is basically everyone standing, sitting and necking at different rates.

Try it sometime.

10. Morning Runner – Oceans

I was introduced to Morning Runner by my good friend Dan Guningham. He knew the whole the band and I was lucky enough to see them live a few times in the short time they were together. The whole of ‘Wilderness is Paradise Now’ is great but Oceans was always a favourite of mine and luckily Becky loved this track too. In fact she loved it so much it was the first dance at our wedding and so has more meaning than ever.

11. The Glee Allstars – Don’t Stop Believin

Again this tune ties in with my last one. A wedding day flies by in a nano second and there is only a few things I truly remember clearly, the first was looking down the isle of the church to see Becky walking towards me. Another vivid memory was Becky throwing the bouquet and it landing in the lights on the ceiling, “that was a YouTube moment” the singer of the band proclaimed. I can also remember standing at the bar on the cusp of doing another shot when I heard this glorious voice over the microphone singing Glee, my first thought was who is that singing it sounds amazing. Upon turning around there was my new wife on stage singing Glee from the top of her voice. That my wife I remember saying.

12. Ed Sheeran – Small Bump

On the 16th July 2011 that day after my 30th birthday I pulled my hungover face from the pillow looked up at an excited looking Becky waving a pregnancy test in my face……suddenly I was hungover no more. We were having a baby and there is seriously nothing better than hearing those words. On the 26th March 2013 we were lucky to have been blessed with Caleb Burton Flood. During the pregnancy Ed Sheeran was being played everywhere and it just so happened that he had a song called Small Bump so I made a little video.

If you’ve managed to read through the whole lot of this then I thank you. It’s the first blog type of activity I have done in sometime.

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Our Morning at Mission 10th December 2011

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